Involved is committed to helping people improveing there economic situation. We run a number of   different enterprise projects.

 We have a number  of  projects  that   are  designed to   support  people  to  develop  there  skills  and  knowledge  to  such  a level  that  they  might  consider  using  there new  ability  to  generate  income  for  themselves.

Gardening Project

We have  a gardening  project held every Tuesday that could  give  you  the  confidence  and  skills  to  develop an enterprise  around  different  aspects  of  horticulture




 Involved Catering School

we have  a cooking  project  that  would  skill you  up   to  achieve  your health   and hygiene  certificate as well  as develop  your knife  and food preparation  skills. This  would  be  a great  opportunity  to  explore   developing  a catering  business