Involved operate a number of lunch clubs in the Broughton area.  All  the  meals  are   produced from  fresh  produce by   our team  of  health  and  hygiene  certificated volunteers, assisted by  qualified and  experienced chefs from  the  catering charity beehive.


The  raw materials are provided by  the  charity  fair  share, delivered to  our  industry  standard  kitchen  where  they  are  lovingly  crafted into nutricous ,healthy and  delicious  meals. 


12:00 St James Church,Higher Broughton , Salford

12:30 The Church of Ascension, Lower Broughton, Salford

The  lunch  clubs  are  free and  absolutely  anyone  can  attend , people  can  come   before the  meal and  stay on  after  they have eaten so  It’s a great place to chat and make new friends, or just pop in  a fill yer boots.

This  weeks  recipe  suggestion

Leek potato and bean soup


1 large onion,

1 large leek

4 medium potatoes

1 tin of cannelloni or butter beans

Water or stock 500ml


Finelly chop the onion and cook gently in a large pan with a little oil, don’t let it colour.

Peel and chop the potato and chop the leek, add to the pan, continue to gently sweat the veg. add the water and bring to the boil.

After about 20 minutes the veg should all be cooked, if you have 1 use a blender for a smooth texture. If not use a masher or fork to crush some of it up.

Drain the tin of beans, then add to the soup, after 5 minutes they should be ready, your soup is ready to enjpy