This policy has been developed to address the role of volunteers within the Broughton poverty intervention project (pip) and to highlight the role they play in reducing deprivation.

Aims and principles

Pip is strongly committed to involving local people within their work. Local people have  a valuable part  to play in  supporting the  community and  therefore will be  encouraged to  get  involved and  develop the  skills they need in   order to benefit them in paid employment.Volunteers will not replace paid staff but their input will enable us to provide a better quality of service through the diversity, skills and experience that volunteers bring. The organisation will treat volunteers fairly and equally

Volunteers will contribute to the organisation by

  • Supporting paid members of  staff
  • Bring a diverse range of skills and  talent  to Broughton pip

Statement of intent

“A volunteer is someone who contributes their time, skills and experience to an organisation for free”

A volunteer can expect

  • A potential life changing experience
  • Clear information about their  role within  pip
  • Never to undertake  something  they feel uncomfortable  with
  • Training  and  recognised qualification opportunities
  • A safe  working  environment supported by  staff
  • Support on  a weekly  basis
  • To  be  treated with  respect
  • To  develop the  following  skills
  1. Interpersonal communication
  2. Cooperation  and  teamwork
  3. Self-esteem/confidence building
  4. Record keeping
  5. Community  development/engagement
  6. Project   development


Recruitment and selection

The recruitment and selection process is structured but informal.

  • We will advertise for volunteers through the Do-it website, the opportunity will also be promoted through the Volunteer Centre Salford brokerage service. Contour  magazine , local media and  local organisations.


  • Information packs with information about the organisation, the application form and role description


  • All potential volunteers will be given an application form or where appropriate invited in for an informal chat and then given an application form.


  • Potential volunteers will be offered an informal interview which will include meeting the staff and other volunteers.


  • Volunteers will be selected broadly to match their skills, motivation and availability with the requirements of the organisation.


  • Volunteers will be expected to undergo a CRB check if the role requires one and complete a 12 week trial period.


  • Volunteers will be asked to provide 2 references where possible. These may be from a friend or acquaintance but not a family member. If a person has genuine difficulty in finding references flexibility will be given in these cases.


  • Unsuccessful applicants. If Broughton  pip feels that a volunteer does not broadly match the organisations needs then the volunteer will have the opportunity to discuss why they have not been selected.

Volunteer tasks

There is a range of voluntary   work within pip. All tasks will be negotiated through pips volunteer coordinator and will be documented in the volunteer portfolio. All  volunteering will usually  be  undertaken  within  pip controlled projects although   occasionally time  limited community  placements  may  be  organised for selected volunteer participants.pip projects that volunteers may   volunteer in  may include the  following

  • Community research
  • Community  organisers
  • Community forums
  • Signposting activities
  • Support services,(luncheon  clubs, food bank,)

Every effort  will be  made to  link volunteers aspirations, expectations  and  development goals with  the  appropriate  volunteering opportunity/task.

Community placements

Volunteers may   be placed for a time limited period. (Two hours a week for a maximum of 6 week) within another community organisation or social that  occurrence the  volunteer is  still a pip volunteer and   will receive  1;1 support  from  the  pip  volunteer coordinator although  their  “volunteering duties” will be  supervised by  the  host community placement. Each  community   placement  organisation will be  responsible  for   its  own  policies and  procedures and  public liability  insurance. the  relationship between Pip and  the  community   placement  will be  formalised through  a joint  compact  where  the  organisation  separate   and joint responsibilities will be  outlined.


Induction and Training

All volunteers will be given an induction on their first day as per the induction checklist which will include meeting all the staff, a tour of the building and made aware of the fire exits, toilets, and given a volunteers handbook.

Volunteers will be given an introduction to Broughton  pip policies and procedures and will be given supported training until they are considered confident to carry outthe role themselves. Training relevant to the role will be offered to volunteers who wish to develop their role and where finances are available.

Pip is committed to providing through a thorough induction process, training and learning profile to help volunteers meet the responsibilities of their roles. These individuals’ role descriptions will be developed through one to one sessions with the volunteer coordinator

The volunteer inductions will cover

  • Roles and  responsibilities
  • Health  and  safety
  • Clarification  on  working practises
  • Supervision procedures.


Security and screening

Volunteers will not  be  able  to  start their  volunteering until references and  crb  checks  have  been  completed. If the crb discloses any   offence a decision   will be made by pip as to wither any involvement in the programme is permissible. The safety of residents and group members is paramount.


Support and supervision

The main point of contact for volunteers is the pip volunteer coordinator. Weekly support sessions will take place between volunteers and the coordinator to review, record any progress.  Broughton Pip recognises the importance of supporting our volunteers so that they feel valued, motivated and able to develop in their role. Support will be provided in a variety of ways through structured sessions, more informally and on a one to one basis as appropriate.

All volunteers will have a named supervisor who will support them and who they can go to with any questions or queries. All volunteers will have regular supervision meetings to discuss their role and is an opportunity to help the volunteers future development, to give the volunteer feedback and to discuss any issues.



Pip will offer expense reimbursement to all volunteers;all volunteers are encouraged to claim out of pocket expenses. Broughton   pip will reimburse travel expenses (car mileage, bicycle allowance, bus fares) and lunch expenses. To claim expenses volunteers will be asked to complete a simple expenses form and provide bus tickets/receipts.  Only Expenses agreed in  advance with  the  volunteer coordinator can be claimed.


Health and safety

BROUGHTON  PIP recognises and accepts its responsibility for providing a safe and healthy workplace for everyone as detailed in the organisations Health and Safety Policy. A copy of the policy will be given and explained to volunteers as part of the induction process.

The health and safety policy and any related issues will be covered in the volunteer induction. Weekly support sessions will review health and safety risks and provide the opportunity for volunteers to raise any concerns. Volunteers will also be  briefed on  the  risks  involved prior to  each  activity  by  the  member of  staff in  charge  of  that  activity   or  session.



Equal opportunities policy

Pips equal opportunity policy   applies to the recruitment and management of all volunteers. Therefore volunteering opportunities will be offered to any one regardless of physical ability, mental wellbeing or knowledge of regeneration/poverty issues

Broughton pip is totally committed to the principle of equality of opportunity for all of its service users, staff, volunteers .The organization is opposed to all forms of discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age or other unjustifiable discrimination.

We will make adjustments, wherever possible and within our financial resources, to enable full participation.At Broughton  pip  we recognise that every person is unique and that the differences between people can enrich us and make us more effective in meeting the needs of all our stakeholders  We strive to develop an environment that is accessible to everyone.


All volunteers are covered by Broughton  pip Employee Liability insurance whilst acting on behalf of the organisation


Volunteers must abide by Broughton pip practice with regards to confidential information about people who use our services. Confidentiality will be discussed at the recruitment interview and all volunteers will be asked to sign a confidentiality form as part of their induction.

  • Nothing  is  to be  repeated about a group  member or participant during  an  activity to  a  third part
  • A weekly meeting is  the  only  forum  for  concerns  to be  discussed
  • Volunteers will not  have  any  responsibility  for  recording  or reviewing  personal  records


Complaints and disciplinary procedures

The process for dealing   with problems   and complaints raised by or about volunteers is as follows.

  1. Meet with  volunteer coordinator to  discuss the  issue
  2. The  cord will then  make  a report  to pip board who  will decide whether  any  further  action  is  required
  3. If  a complaint is  made about  a volunteer it  may  involve  them  being  removed from  the  scheme. There  is  no  appeals  process


Finishing Voluntary Work with Broughton pip

When a volunteer decides to leave they will be invited to complete an exit questionnaire discuss and evaluate their volunteering placements and reasons for leaving in private, with an appropriate member of staff, if they wish to do so. This is to enable us to improve our service to volunteers in the future.Broughton  pip will provide a detailed reference for all volunteers who request one.